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Makhaokane General Construction is a level 1BBEE contributor, and one of the largest black-owned, managed and controlled construction company in the country. Throughout its years of pursuing excellence, the company has successfully earned recognition as a significant player in the South African building and construction industry landscape. Today we can boast of 100% black ownership.

Makhaokane General Construction plays a pivotal role in the provision of social and commercial infrastructure through its unique management capabilities, and is a contributing partner in South Africa’s transforming economy.

  • VISION - We strives to be recognized as one of the leading world class construction company in its core business of activities within the Southern Africa.
  • MISSION - We commit to fulfil this vision through sourcing of quality supplies, utilisation of professional personnel to perform duties, offer efficient services and being guest centric during our operations.
  • SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT - All of our themes have supporting behaviours. The ‘everyone’ behaviours apply to all people regardless of their role. The application of these behaviours will ensure that together we achieve alignment of policy, process and actions, which we regard as key to realizing our target of zero harm.
  • OUR STRATEGY - The company focuses on the following strategies to ensure that our vision is met: - (a.) Pricing - keeping our supplies and labour rates at lower prices in order to attract more guests. (b.) Challenging status quo – automation of domestic and industrial installations. (c.) Customer retention - providing maintenance on work performed by the company.

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